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The Villa Orchard was purchased from the Sisters of St. Francis in 1970. The partnerships of Tony & Dorthy Doll, George & Patty Doll, and John & Julie Eckstein. Tony passed away in 1983 and Dorothy continued to operate as an active partner until John & Julie Eckstein and George & Patty Doll decided to divide the orchard and each would operate as a separate orchard. The name of the Villa comes from the house (the Villa Santa Clare) which was built in 1896 as a summer home for the sisters of St. Francis and the students of Immaculate Conception Academy in Oldenburg.

David Eckstein



Dave is the owner of the Villa Orchard and is the chief apple picker & cider maker..

John Eckstein



John is the previous owner of the Villa Orchard, Dave's father, and helps pick apples, sort apples, run the Villa Orchard when Dave is not there.

Juile Eckstein


Juile is a previous owner of the Villa Orchard, she is Dave's mother, she makes the Apple Butter & Jellies that are sold at the orchard.

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