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Run time: We are a seasonal business so we do not run all year round. we usually open in August and run until the beginning of November. Cider starts on Labor Day weekend. we do not always have enough apples for everyone so if there is an apple that you want you should call and we will save some back for you. you can call anytime to save back apples but if we have already gotten rid of them you will have to wait until next year.


What we sell: We sale 28 different variety of apples including; Gala, Empire, Winesape, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Fuji, Cameo, Barburn, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Norther Spy, and many more. We also sell Apple Cider, Apple Butter, Apple Butter Cupcakes, Cider Jelly, Apple Jelly, Black Berry Jelly, Grape Jelly, Peach Preserves, and Honey. 

We also give school tours if you would like to bring your school to see an Apple Orchard, Sorting Machine, and  Cider Room just contact us to set up the date. 


The Lodi is our first apple to come in (mid July). It is very soft and makes the best apple sauce. if you peel the apple before you make it into sauce the apple sauce will be white.


The second apple to come in (early-mid Aug) The gala is our most popular eating apple it is sweet and crispy we you bite into it.


The Macintosh is our third apple to come in (mid aug) it is a great all purpose apple but does best in cooking. it can be use in pies, sauce, or even apple butter! it is best when mixed with other apples

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